ECEN 2010 Introduction to Biomedial Engineering
ECEN 2250 Introduction to Circuits and Electronics
ECEN 2703 Discrete Mathematics
ECEN 3300 Linear Systems
ECEN 3810 Probability
ECEN 4532 Digital Signal Processing Lab
ECEN 4/5632 Introduction to Digital Filters
ECEN 5022 Wavelets and Filter Banks
ECEN 5322 Search Engines and Analysis of High-Dimensional Datasets
ECEN 5672 Digital Image Processing

APPM 3170 Discrete Mathematics
APPM 4/5515 High-Dimensional Probability for Data-Science

STAT 4/500: Statistical Methods and Application I
STAT 4610 Statistical Machine Learning
STAT 4/5630 Computational Bayesian Statistics